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Sun, 27th July  304158

GtKM Meme: [2/5] favorite movies: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

 ”Since the last games, something’s different, I can see it.

What can you see?


Sun, 27th July  650
And I hope one day you will understand pain is just a brand
I’ve given my life to keep it away from your skin
And I hope one day you will understand pain is never planned
And the start of a cycle is always the end when we are the victims

The Color Morale “Burn Victims” (via remaininghope)
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RosaLune by ArtbyLadyViktoria

Sun, 27th July  148


Anatomy of Songs [wronghands]

Sun, 27th July  152855
so accurate it hurts;
Sun, 27th July  167628
I love this show so much;
Sat, 26th July  400


LIVE LYRIC VIDEO: The Color Morale - “Suicide;Stigma (Feat. Dave Stephens)

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Sat, 26th July  940

Tris Prior vs. Jeanine Matthews

Sat, 26th July  1470


We Came As Romans by sarinamariee on Flickr.

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wcar; cheekbones;

… that’s Dean. Now, he could start a fight in an empty house, but deep down inside, he’s just a big ol’ Teddy bear.

Sat, 26th July  5574
spn; garth is me;

Saviorself (Empty Arena) by The Color Morale

Saviorself, The Color Morale (Empty Arena)

Sat, 26th July  18
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